Friday, November 14, 2008

What kind of forwards do you get?

It's funny-when I get forwards from friends it's usually about friendship...maybe recipes. When Walker gets them, it's about boobs. There's something not right about this.

Walker and I are trying to move into current times. We both joined facebook, though we have no clue what we're doing and aren't sure if we want our business out there. We'll see how long it lasts. So far we found a girl Walker and Vin both know very well-and she lives in Hattiesburg, about an hour away from us!

Have you ever had a job you really liked, with a culture you didn't think you'd find anywhere else, but then a new boss is hired and everything changes? You go from doing your best and feeling great about it with rave reviews from bosses to totally questioning what you're doing and receiving lower scores than you've ever gotten on reviews. I know Andrea and I have talked about this some. It's what's going on at my school-32 year veterans all the way down to rookies. Sad, really. I just keep telling myself it's not about me, it's for the kids that deserve the best I can offer.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first party!

Walker and I hosted our first party last night. We had a few people over to hand out candy, then we had a fire in the back and made s'mores. It was definitely a good time, though we have way too many leftovers!

The joys in our life right now are coming after work and on weekends...if you catch my drift. I still love the kids at school and am having fun with the cheerleaders, but I'm definitely ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. There's not much for Walker to say about his job at this point.

Lisa and Sean have a new healthy baby girl, Maggie and Craig have a healthy baby boy, and Carmen and Jason have their second baby boy! It's truly a blessing to become aunt and uncle again! Hopefully we'll meet all the new babies soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another month goes by...

And I missed several of my very best friends' birthdays! I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I've tried to talk and text since I'm not the best at keeping up with the blog. Things are different at school lately. My students are's all the extra stuff that's difficult. This is stuff I'd rather talk or email about privately-call me paranoid, but I don't want to overdo the publicizing of school drama. Walker is staying busy with work and is looking forward to a training trip to Wisconsin.

Football season has begun! Not only are we doing all the AU games, but we ordered NFL Sunday ticket, too. Not much gets done around our house on weekends! Luckily Stew, Sue and Ellie came to tailgate with us for the first game. It was nice to finally meet sweet Ellie! This weekend will be my first trip to Starkville to see the Auburn Tigers defeat the MSU Bulldogs-I can't wait!

Monday, August 4, 2008

AU Fan Day

We went to Auburn for practice Saturday morning, then Fan Day that afternoon. It was our rookie attempt, so we were somewhat ill prepared. We ended up waiting about 3.5 hours to meet Tubby and I will post the pic after they send it to me and I scan it. Walker will tell you that Chris Todd looked pretty sharp, and that he may end up getting more reps than Burns.

The 4 wheeler was one of Walkie's customer's and we got it stuck in the mud the night of the pic on the last post. THANK GOODNESS we pulled it out just before dark. We were all coated in dark mud, which didn't really show up on Reese.

I started school last week with a new administration. They've given the principal 2 years to bring us up to a level 5 (superior) school. We're level 3 with a 20% special ed population...among other issues. It'll be interesting.

Walker has broken into the commercial market some, which is great! There are rumors that Jimmy Buffet is pulling out of the casino down here, and that's not great. The question of our future in Gulfport comes up every so often and has arisen again lately. I will definitely do this school year...then we debate again!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

If that ain't country...

After mowing last week I just rode that puppy down to the pool and hopped in!

Walker's out at Chandeleur Islands fishing this weekend. I haven't heard from him since Friday night, so I'm hoping it's a good sign that he's having fun. In the meantime, one of his customers brought a 4 wheeler over for me to try out this weekend. I'm telling you...custom black-out rims...the works! I took it out yesterday know now that I NEED one!

Maggie and Whitney came to see me last week! It was awesome to have some friends come down. We spent most of the time sitting around and talking-sorry, we forgot to get a pic!

School starts next Friday for me. I was asked to mentor a new teacher, I will be the liason between my school's science dept and the other middle school and I have cheerleading. I'm excited, but nervous!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Walkie and I haven't taken a pic together in a while, but here are a couple from our night out with Ohio friends, Heather and Brian, Jim, and Jack and Kara. Kara is in the green shirt and Jack has the bottle. They had a baby boy three months ago!